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3 taps Hot,Cold,Normal-Water Dispenser+Fridge

The sayonaWater Dispenser with HOT, COLD, and NORMAL water dispensing and compressor cooling with a bottom fridge. It comes in a lightweight design and has three taps: Cold, Hot and Normal Water taps.  Easy to clean and maintain with its easy-to-use design, it is efficient and durable. Drink healthy, Buy the sayona Water Dispenser.

150,000 Fr /0785154690 / 0788875042

Sayona Water Dispenser for Sale
Location: Kigali Town, Commercial, Ndaru Alcade House
(Sunshine IT & Electronics Shop)

Stainless steel water tank with a cabinet
Hot,warm  and cold water taps function
Cooling gas  with cooling compressor system
Cold tank capacity of 2.0L and hot tank of 1.0L
Cold temperature: 5 – 10 C
Hot temperature: 85 – 95C

» Make: Turkey
» Brand: Sayona
» Model: Tall with 3 robinets
» Features: Hot, Warm & Cold